ATM Placement

There is a multitude of benefits to having an ATM in your establishment. First, when customers take out money from a machine, roughly 30% of the cash is spent in the establishment where the ATM is located. Second, you will be providing availability of cash to your customer base! This means that if a customer needs money in the form of cash, they do not leave your business establishment.
ATM Placement Program – Take the confusion and hassle out of finding what ATM is best suited for your type of business. This program allows qualified businesses to gain a profit without an upfront cost. Financial Product will put an ATM at your business and will take care of the installation, equipment, service, and cash loading. Your business will receive cash residuals from the ATM transactions paid to you at the end of each month.
Partner with us – With this option, you will have full control of your money in addition to the cash residuals that you will receive at the end of each month. Financial Product will put the ATM at your location, which you will then load with your cash.

ATM Processing

Looking to expand your profit margins? Our ATM processing options offer very competitive benefits and options that are guaranteed to expand your financial portfolio. Premier Transaction Processing allows customers to remain at the forefront of ATM technology. Currency flowing through the ATM is deposited in your bank account as fast as Automated Clearing House banking regulations allow, generally, 24–36 hours.

Credit Card Processing

Power up your business through our point-of-sale options. We offer a wide range of EMV-ready point-of-sale systems that fit your business needs. Whether you are a medium or large-scale business, we have the perfect fit turn-key solutions for you.

ATM Leasing

As part of your service, FPE Inc. offers you the ability to lease an ATM through one of several leasing companies, FPE Inc. works closely with several leasing sources to ensure both timely processing and agreeable terms for your ATM lease. The purchase of an ATM is much like the purchase of a motor vehicle FPE Inc. is the ATM dealer. The leasing company maintains the responsibility of collecting lease payments and upholding the lease contract. Although working closely together, the lease company and FPE.